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I haven’t blogged in a while. A long while. I’ve been through major changes in my live. Readjusting. Reloading. Sometimes you need to reevaluate things, in technology and in live. Being stable doesn’t equal avoiding changes. I’ve recently heard a statement “nobody will grant you that things get better when you make changes, but to make things better you have to make changes”. Very true. And – that’s in live and technology – I even believe that avoiding changes make things worse. Sometimes you even benefit from small changes. E.g. at our company we made things better by introducing a single Windows Server 2008 last year. And we had users and admins who had a big benefit. Re-evaluation is good, and changes … changes are being alive.

But this here is about technology. So let me make a small update on what’s going on with me in this field.

After the Directory Experts Conference in Chicago I was working back home, then went to the MVP-Summit in Seattle and it was great so see so many MVPs and folks from the Directory Services Product Group again. I really enjoyed it. Currently I’m preparing for two events: Microsoft TechEd USA for IT-Pros (yes – they followed the example from Europe and split the Developers and IT-Pros in two different weeks – however I enjoyed how it was before). At TechEd which will be in Orlando (again, been there last year, and a then two years before) I’ll present 3 sessions and two interactive ones. So five slots in two days (I’m only scheduled in on Wednesday and Thursdays), this will be quite funny [;)]. I’m looking forward to it. I’m sad I had to decline the developer-week, but I can’t take two weeks of vacation just speaking at two different TechEds. Would love to, but someone has to pay for my living. And I feel I really need vacation this year, I deserved it, believe me, but currently I’m unable to go on vacation.

Another thing I’m getting ready for is a whole day Workshop with the IT-Administrator, we’ll cover Windows Server 2008 and nothing else. I’m looking forward to it, and I was told that there are many people signing up for it.

So exciting events to come soon, and I actually have a couple ideas (some already finished) about new technical blog entries, so stay tuned. I’ll promise the next one will be technical and coming in a few days [;)].


P.S.: Thanks for listening – I can’t remember how many times I said this in the recent past and probably didn’t say it often enough.

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