Speaking engagements

I’m currently getting ready for some speaking engagements:

Tuesday next week (Sept 21st) I’m proud to moderate the Windows Infrastructure Track of the IIR IT-Admin Tech Talk. In this track we are covering not only the operating system related technologies, but also Cloud, Office 365, Sharepoint and Exchange. I’ll also present two sessions myself there:

13 Years Active Directory
an overview of previous and future scenarios

I will cover various design considerations, misunderstandings of early designs, whether corporate infrastructures have adjusted or should be adjusted. At the end we will take a look into challenges for future designs, on-premises and in the cloud.

Who am I in the cloud?

In this session I will talk about challenges and opportunities of cloud computing in general and Office 365 in special: Does cloud mean sunshine for the CIO and rain for the Admin? Which skills are needed? What is the long-term strategy for cloud computing in your enterprise?

The IT-Admin TechTalk will be in Frankfurt and is in German language.

Also the next international conference is coming up. The Experts Conference Europe will also be in Frankfurt in October this year. It is about half a year after TEC USA in Las Vegas. TEC is known to be the best and high-skilled conference when it comes to Directory Services, and has expanded over the years beyond the AD and FIM tracks to also cover Exchange, Sharepoint and Cloud technologies in different tracks. TEC is attracting the most high-skilled speakers, Microsoft values the conference so much that they send more Program Managers and Developers of the product groups to TEC than to their own IT-Pro Conference TechEd. Additionally TechEd EU will not happen this year, so maybe you are able to convince your boss. Las Vegas has been a great success, lots of interesting sessions, a lot of community interaction, and I’m very much looking forward to Frankfurt. This conference is in English.

At The Experts Conference I will speak three sessions, but will post details later when the agenda is done.


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