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More speaking engagements

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

While we are in preperation for TechEd:IT-Forum which will be in Barcelona in November, there are more speaking engagements already scheduled:

October 24th and 25th:

The IT-Administrator asked me to speak about what’s new in DNS and Active Directory in Windows Server 2008 at the German Tradeshow Systems. (Details)

November 12th to 16th:

I’ll be delivering two sessions and an interactive session at TechEd:IT-Forum in Barcelona. My sessions will be “A Directory Services Geeks View on How to (not) extend your schema” and “Active Directory Recovery in Windows Server 2008”, and I will host an interactive session (like the chalk-&-talks of the previous year, a session where attendees are encouraged to ask questions and get them answered) with Stephanie from the AD Product Group about “Active Directory Domain Services in Windows Server 2008”.

February 19th to 21st:

Windows Server 2008 will be launched in Germany, and I’ll speek at the launch event in Frankfurt. My sessions are “Active Directory Domain Services and DNS in Windows Server 2008” and “A Directory Services Geeks View on Access Control Entries”.

March 2nd to 5th:

NetPro already announced the Directory Experts Conference 2008 in Chicago, and I was honored to be asked back as speaker.

What’s up?

Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

OK – it’s been a while since I last posted. Many things were going on.

The last post was in the Directory Experts Conference-Timeframe. Wow – a lot was going on. I’ll write later some thoughts about DEC, even if others have covered it well (like Gil, Joe, Jorge, Tomek) it’s worth some words.

What else was going on? OK –  recently I’ve got ready for TechEd Orlando, where I answer questions in the Ask-the-Experts Area at the Windows Server – Active Directory Booth. Then I’m busy with a roadshow about Windows Server 2008 in Germany. If you are in Germany and have business-relationships with Computacenter go to or ask your contacts to join. We have done and will do 6 locations until end of June (already been to Ludwigshafen, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Saarbr├╝cken and will be in Frankfurt and Munich in June), with more location coming up in the second half of 2007. I did a lot to organize and create these events, and I’m working together with some great collegues here, so if you are able to take a chance and join.

Additional NetPro has announced that they will bring the Directory Experts Conference to Europe again this year, and I’m glad that I’m able to help being an active part of that conference. I’m looking forward to it very much.

Otherwise … many customer events and other things around Windows Server 2008 – this will be a great release and customers are asking about it like crazy. It’s always a pleasure to see a product being sucessful where you were able to provide good feedback on and you know that this feedback was aprechiated and taken into credit. I’m looking forward to the release, and as much as I’ve tested the previous and current versions, and what I know from RC1, this will be a blasting release. If you didn’t had a chance to look at it – do it now – you’re already late.

TechEd EU 2006 in Barcelona

Sunday, January 21st, 2007

So … TechEd was just great – I can not describe it in other words.

As I wrote in a prior post I had some sessions to take care of at TechEd. So after we arrived in Barcelona we first had a dinner with the MCT-Community which we really enjoyed. There are so many MCTs out there who are so dedicated to their “passion” (and job) that it’s always a pleasure to meet everyone and enjoy geek-talking. After the conference started I still wanted to adjust the demos of my session to show some new stuff. Unfortunately I made a small mistake (if you have dual-boot with Vista RC2 and XP try to avoid hibernating – especially if you have a laptop vendor which does provide very bad drivers) so I had some harddisk corruption on my Laptop. Did I mention that the PPTs and the demos were all supposed to run from my laptop (the XP-Part)? So I had some joy in fixing my Laptop on the road without the CDs, however I managed to get it up and running again (before it went right into a bluescreen after the bootmanager) – some files in XP were still corrupt (and they are currently still corrupt – didn’t had the time to reinstall and I’m only using the Vista-Installation anyways). Learned it the hard way – do not hibernate with shared disks.

So after I was sure that at least Powerpoint and VPC are back and running I was adjusting my demos. The rest of the time of the first days (there wasn’t much as you can assume) I spent in the Ask-the-Experts-Area and answered questions in the Longhorn Booth. This is one of my favorite things at those conferences – you get so much insight of many issues within multiple companies, and how attendees (mis)understand the products. This also gives me ideas which points we have to outline in talks and blogs, apart from enjoying to helping the attendees.

On Wednesday I had the first of two Chalk-&-Talks with Karmal Janardhan (Group Program Manager in the Active Directory Program Group). The concept of Chalk-&-Talks is a mixture between Ask-the-Experts and Breakout Sessions. You have many attendees in a session room, you are not supposed to use Powerpoint (a few slides to help the discussion getting started or outlining examples are accepted) and you are discussing technologies with the attendees. We did a Chalk-&-Talk on “Active Directory and DNS in Longhorn”. It was just great. Kamal is so deep into the planning and features of the technology, and I was able to contribute with my practical experience. We both enjoyed the session, and according to the discussion and feedback afterwards the attendees enjoyed it as well. I don’t think there was another session where you could get a better knowledge topic. OK – maybe Kamals Breakout Session which covered the same topic – but I even think we were able to explain it better in the Chalk-&-Talk due to the discussion format of the session. We had the last session-slot of the day and the room was crowded. There were people leaving because there was no more space. Afterwards in the Hotels Lounge some other speaker was complaining that the last session of the day was empty in many sessions and the attendees were supposedly already off partying, but I know where they were [;)].

On Thursday afternoon I had my own session: “A Directory Services Geek’s View on Access Control Entries (ACE)”. Since I just had a few minutes between the session prior to me I decided to use a longer break before to connect my laptop to   power at the speakers desk and get it up and running, so that the session before allows the power ma"A Directory Services Geeks View on Access Control Entries (ACE)" at TechEd EUnagement-drivers to “adjust”. Otherwise the time to start up as well as the performance would be questionable. This was a good decision – I didn’t had any issues with performance, the session and demos went very well (OK – I was a bit nervous because I still didn’t trust my recovered laptop). I love this session, since I was always missing Geek-Level content at TechEds, so I was happy to present it. There were a lot of interested attendees, feedback was great (e.g. “You can improve the conference by doing more sessions like this.”, and “excellent session – best one I have been to so far” on a Thursday afternoon). There were many interesting questions right after the session, but at some point we got bounced so that the next session was able to start. However I went right back into the Ask-the-Expert-Area and had some lengthy discussion about the topic with some attendees. Very interesting talks – so we continued until we were told that the exhibition area is closing and we are to leave.

On Friday Kamal and I repeated our Chalk-&-Talk about “Active Directory and DNS in Longhorn” right in the morning. We had slightly less attendees (probably partying the night before, or everyone was in our first session) but the discussion was still very good. Kamal is impressive – at her own session she got a comment like “how comes a little girl tells all geek’s in here how technology really works” [;)]. After the Chalk-&-Talk we went to the Ask-the-Experts-Area, and I didn’t leave until the conference was over. There were so many interesting questions. Actually some attendees were coming up to me with their “List of Questions” they made up during the week, so I was answering .. answering .. answering … (I call it the “streaming answering mode” now [;)]). 

However – what a great week – everytime again!

I’m still alive (1)

Sunday, January 21st, 2007

OK – I haven’t written a post in quite a long time. The last one was before I went to TechEd EU in Barcelona. So what I believe I can fly ;-)happened?
I decided that I’ve deserved some vacation, so I went with my wife and a “close friends couple” to Hurghada, Egypt to do some sun-tanking and scuba-diving. I enjoyed it, there are great beautiful animals in the red sea (kind of poisoning too, so you are far safer snorkeling or diving then swimming or worse – walking). 

Afterward we went almost straight (one day re-packing in Munich) to Barcelona.

TechEd and Barcelona was great (again). Microsoft has done a great deal in making this the best TechEd/IT-Forum in the last years (at least in my opinion), they valuated the feedback from last year and the conference was great. I’ll continue in the next post with my experience from TechEd, since this is really deserving a separate post.