CMAP Code Camp and Richmond Code Camp

Saturday was the Spring ’08 CMAP Code Camp. Lots of good sessions there, lots of fun as well! I presented on “SQL Server 2008” and “What’s new in C# 3.0” as a replacement for Jay Flowers since he wasn’t able to make it. A big congratulations to Chris Steener and Randy Hayes for putting together a fabulous code camp.   Also, coming up on the 26th is the Spring ’08 Richmond Code Camp. I hope to see a lot of new people there, as well as all of the ones I already know. The tentative schedule as been posted, which … Continue reading CMAP Code Camp and Richmond Code Camp

I’d like to report a negligence

I’ve always been interested in software security, and it’s always been a number one priority for me. Software security is really honoring the trust of the people that use your software. I’ve also been fortunate to be the lead developer of a security product. I myself also tend to keep an eye on the security of other products. We use a few applications in house that we really like. I decided poke around at the security of some of these products. I won’t say any of the product names because they really are, good products sans some poor security. If … Continue reading I’d like to report a negligence

MVC Framework

The MVC framework is the new “hot” thing in the ASP.NET world for developers. As such, everyone has at least one blog entry about it. So, I think it’s time I jumped on that ship. Though, I wanted to voice a few concerns with the MVC Framework, or at least how people perceive it. The MVC design pattern is by no means new. It’s been around since around 1979, and .NET is certainly not the first framework that supports the MVC Pattern, and nor is Microsoft’s MVC Project the first for .NET. Spring is a very popular MVC solution for … Continue reading MVC Framework


This is my first post to the web site. I decided to move my blog from So, I thought I would start off by talking about something a little obscure that a co-worker turned me onto. OK, different captain hook. We’re not talking about Dustin Hoffman, either. No, I am talking about the .NET Subversion hook framework from Phil Haack. Phil and his company released a nice .NET Framework Library on Source Forge. OK, a bit of information, first. I’m a big fan of Subversion. It’s what we use at our company for all of our source control, … Continue reading CaptainHook