Let’s take a break from the text encoding idea real quick so I can talk about a new tool that I recently got into.. One of the things that every product needs, regardless of how simple it is to use, is good documentation. It’s not fun, it takes time, and isn’t technically intriguing. Regardless, it has to be done. The part that myself and team members have struggled with is a tool take makes it easy. We looked at a few commercial applications such as RoboHelp, but it always left me the impression we were rabbit hunting with a Barrett … Continue reading DocBook

Text Encoding (Part-1)

I was recently on the ASP.NET Forums and a member was asking, “How can I figure out the encoding of text?” and that got me thinking. There should be a reasonable way to do this, right? It’s a useful thing to know. First, we need a little background on how text is encoded into bytes. Long ago, back when 64K of memory was a big deal, characters took up a single byte. A byte ranges from 0 – 255, which allows us to support a total of 256 characters. Seems like plenty, no? English has 26, 52 for both cases, … Continue reading Text Encoding (Part-1)

Too Little Too Late?

I booted up my PC today and saw this nice message from Adobe telling me that there was an update for my Flash installation. I couldn’t help but notice that one of the highlighted features was support for HD content. I can’t help but feel that this is in response to Silverlight’s support for High Definition content. I wonder though, is it too little too late? I’ve heard a lot of stories from people about switching from Flash to Silverlight just for the support for HD. Now don’t misunderstand me, I think this will be a huge hit for the … Continue reading Too Little Too Late?

CMAP User Group Presentation

On Tuesday, May 6th at the CMAP User Group Meeting will be Heroes Happen {here} Launch where I will be discussing the new features in SQL 2008 and Steve Michelotti will be discussing the new C# 3.0 Language Enhancements. If you are in the Baltimore area, I encourage you to come to the presentation to learn some cool new stuff. Take a look at the meeting details here for more information and directions.