Vitamin D, Sunshine, and Rainbows

Today is the start of me coming off of a client project that I have been on and off for years now. I really like the project and I tend to jump in when the client is planning some large items over the coming months. Sadly that reign has come to an end, and it’s off to different things. Regardless, a somewhat unique thing that we do as often as possible is work at the client’s location, their building, their office. While this provides enormous benefits when working with the client, it does mean that we take what we can … Continue reading Vitamin D, Sunshine, and Rainbows

Retargeting Assemblies for SQLite

If you read my previous post about dealing with SQLite and SQL CE, then you know that I am on a mission to get unit tests working correctly with a SQLite database. I decided to see if I could get “assembly retargeting” working. First, what is “retargeting”? .NET allows assemblies to be “redirected” in a sense when the platform is different. This is how the .NET Compact Framework actually works. All .NET CF assemblies are retargetable. In your application, you are referencing assemblies such as System.dll. However, ever notice that .NET Compact Framework application will run on a desktop? That’s … Continue reading Retargeting Assemblies for SQLite