Vitamin D, Sunshine, and Rainbows

Today is the start of me coming off of a client project that I have been on and off for years now. I really like the project and I tend to jump in when the client is planning some large items over the coming months. Sadly that reign has come to an end, and it’s off to different things. Regardless, a somewhat unique thing that we do as often as possible is work at the client’s location, their building, their office. While this provides enormous benefits when working with the client, it does mean that we take what we can get when it comes to office space. Recently, they gave us a new room when they expanded to the floor below them. It’s a nice room with great tables and layout for pair programming, comfy chairs, and good development machines. Though the joke around the office is we’re going to suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency. Why? It’s because there is no window or place that natural light gets in.

Today I had the good fortune of working next to a window in our office.

I never really considered how much of a difference it makes, I always wanted to think “lamps are good enough”. Honestly though, I found myself having more energy and being much perkier. I’m not usually one known to be “perky” either.

So I want opinions, how important is a window in the office to you?

One thought on “Vitamin D, Sunshine, and Rainbows

  1. Does one still make vitamin D even if the sunshine is coming through glass?

    Either way, I think natural light is definitely important, if not critical. I know I always have a tougher time staying motivated and keeping my energy level up in the winter. Which means I’m headed for low tide soon. 🙂

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