The Power Struggle of FilterAttribute

I’ve been doing a lot of MVC2 work lately, and have been indescribably thrilled with how easy it is to write clean code with it (or at least what I consider clean code). Being able to Unit Test my Controllers and have separation from everything else is like magic. OK, maybe I am a little late to this ballgame. I discovered a very cool feature of MVC2, and that is the FilterAttribute. When reading documentation about how to ensure controller actions could only be run if the user was Authenticated, I naturally came to the AuthorizeAttribute. It was that simple! … Continue reading The Power Struggle of FilterAttribute

TDD Training Course

Ever want to learn more about Test Driven Development? This coming weekend on Saturday, January 10th Thycotic Software will be hosting a free one day TDD Training Course. This course is ideal for novice TDD developers or people that are just interested in getting into it. Some areas that will be covered are an introduction to TDD development, the philosophy of TDD development, and a brief introduction to Mock Testing. Later in the near future a full training session will be available, and with any luck if this one turns out well we’ll keep doing it! It’s a bit of … Continue reading TDD Training Course