Seagate Disk making noise, huh

     I put an addon 160GB hard disk drive. Seagate is giving a 5 year warranty here.
But unfortuantely, I have been so afraid of the disk because it is making some noise, and
getting afraid if it is noise of death. I have been following the sound patterns and this is
what I conclude:- when the drive is not accessed, there is vibrating sound. It comes and goes
, comes and goes, have been leaving me puzzled every time I have tried to unravel the
mystery with my operating systems Knowledge.  Funny part, I am not accessing any file
on the drive when the noise happens and when I try to access the drive, that peculiar noise
goes off.

After the research on the Knowledge depot(The Internet), I have come to realise that
seagate has an inbuilt technology related to seek which is responsible for the noise and they
say the noise that comes when the drive is not accessed is normal. So strange, huh, isn’t?

I have been driven mad by this noise, because in my silent room this noise is quite significant.
So I got to get adjusted with this noise.(which comes and goes, comes and goes,
the cycle goes on….)






Memory Can’t be read error

I have been working on hammering down a problem with my software for a day. Reason being
“memory can’t be read error” and hence the access violation resulting from it. The same software
version worked just fine on XP and breaks on 2000. Ultimately with the help of debugging tools
for windows, I seemed to have fixed couple of issues and have released a new version.
Need some rest now, onto bed.

Check this link for the PrintTuner software: