Me, Myself and my blog

Like all good things that happen in life, I have begun on a brand new journey to share my life’s experiences  through my blog.

A lot of people have started blogging, and I too have fallen prey to this brand new geek fashion.

I have just been made an MVP and believe it or not, the project pressures are such at office that I have not been able to contribute to the community, rather, I have been an information seeker at the various MS Discussion Groups. I have relasied one thing, no knowlegde is enough for anybody, and anybody who says that “He knows everything”, has failed to realize the simple fact that “he knows nothing”.

So till next time when I start sharing my knowledge and experiences with the rest of the world, ciao.

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  1. January 30th, 2005 | 11:21 pm       Reply

    sorry but this is comment spam from a fellow MVP.

    it was posted by an automated bot i wrote.

    it uses AI to beat the CAPTCHA test.

    i have written an article about it here.

  2.   58302
    May 30th, 2014 | 11:51 pm       Reply

    Me, Myself and my blog – C#, VS Deployment and all geek talk

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