Webchat Transcipt – Writing Secure code – Part 2

Chat Topic : Writing Secure Code -IIChat Expert : Vipul Patel (MVP) April 14, 2005     subhashini (Moderator):hello everybodysubhashini (Moderator):🙂 a very good evening to all of yousubhashini (Moderator):and welcome all of you to join us for the second part of the series chat subhashini (Moderator):on writing secure codesubhashini (Moderator):Thansk to Vipul Patel (MVP) […]

Webchat Transcript – Writing Secure Code – Part 1

Chat Topic : Writing Secure Code – IChat Expert : Vipul Patel (MVP) April 13, 2005     subhashini (Moderator):hello everbody . A very good evening to all of you. 🙂subhashini (Moderator):Welcome to today’s webchat on writing secure codesubhashini (Moderator):This is a chat in seriessubhashini (Moderator):and today is the part one of the seriessubhashini (Moderator):we […]

Webchat Transcript – Configuration Management Using Visual SourceSafe

Conducted on Februay 9, 2005, below is the transcipt of the webchat.     Chat Topic : Configuration Management using Visual SourceSafeChat Expert : Vipul Patel (MVP) February 9, 2005     GKhanna_MS (Moderator):Hello All 🙂 GKhanna_MS (Moderator):Welcome to the community chat. GKhanna_MS (Moderator):My name is Gaurav Khanna and am filling in for Subhashini as […]

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