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                                                                      Vipul Patel                                                                      __________________________________________________________________________________________   Education:                   Masters in Computer Applications                                                  Bachelor of Engineering   Certifications           MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer in .NET)                                     View Transcript. (ID = 657210, Code = vipuldp868)   Recognitions              Awarded the MVP award from Microsoft.     Experience: Aug ‘04-Present                         St Jude Medical LA, […]

How many threads does a typical managed process have when it just starts to run?

Source: Yun Jin’s blog at Answer: regardless how many threads the user creates, there are at least 3 threads for a common managed process after CLR starts up: a main thread which starts CLR and run user’s Main method, CLR debugger helper thread which provides debugging service for interop debuggers like Visual Studio, and […]


On 17 August 2005 the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool has been updated with added detection and cleaning capabilities for the following Malicious Software: * Zotob.A * Zotob.B * Zotob.C * Zotob.D * Zotob.E * Bobax.O * Esbot.A * Rbot.MA * Rbot.MB * Rbot.MC The updated version of the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal […] (aka Bobax.AF) – An email flavor of MS05-039 is a mass-mailing worm that opens a back door, downloads remote files, and lowers securitysettings on the compromised computer. The worm spreads by exploiting the Microsoft Windows Plug and PlayBuffer Overflow Vulnerability (as described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-039) and by sending a copy of itself to email addresses gathered.

Zotob Free Removal Tool offered by Symantec   More about it at

VSS – Timezone difference between VSS client and server

Imtiyaz says: From: Imtiyaz Alamshah  Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 6:03 AMTo: VipulSubject: Query- Timezone difference between VSS client and server Hi Vipul,   I have one query regarding VSS.   We have VSS server at onsite and working from india(OffShore) there is time difference of 4 and half hour between Onsite and OffShore.   […]

VSS – Allow multiple developers to work on the same file – VSS project structure best practices

  Got a mail from Narendra asking me about VSS project management: Excerpts from the mail as below: —– Start of email —–Original Message—– From: Narendra Bisht Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 5:30 AM To: Subject: Hi Vipul : Query on VSS Hi Vipul, How are you doing? I was reading your Webchat transcript […]

Power Collections for .NET

Did you feel that a powerful Collection library for public domain was missing? Well, its here now… Check out  A brief description: With .NET 2.0 comes the ability to implement what has been known in C++ as template classes. Generics are like C++ templates, only better. To learn more about generics, check out Jason […]

MCSD(for NET) at last

After one year, I have migrated my developer credentials from MCAD.NET to MCSD.NET when I  cleared 70-229 today….. Kudos for this effort  goes to my wife who stood by me all the time and enabled me to get through.