Power Collections for .NET

Did you feel that a powerful Collection library for public domain was missing?

Well, its here now…

Check out http://www.wintellect.com/powercollections/ 

A brief description:

With .NET 2.0 comes the ability to implement what has been known in C++ as template classes. Generics are like C++ templates, only better. To learn more about generics, check out Jason Clark’s article in MSDN Magazine: http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/03/09/NET/

Leading the development effort is Peter Golde, formerly a Lead Designer for the C# language. Peter is currently building the starting set of classes as well as incorporating ideas from the community into a set of collection classes to be made freely available to the public.

The specifications for the library are at http://www.wintellect.com/powercollections/spec.aspx.

Wintellect is inviting the developer community to give in their suggestions…..More at http://www.wintellect.com/powercollections/



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