Internet Explorer Beta2 now available

Check it out.

Visual Studio Tip of the day – Refactoring – Extracting method

You notice that you have a chuck of code which could easily be transitioned to a new function. How tdo you do that? Again, Visual Studio Refactoring menu comes to the rescue. Suppose you have the following code in your function public void Myfunc() {    Console.WriteLine(“a”);    Console.WriteLine(“b”);    Console.WriteLine(“c”);    // Do some processing here.    Console.WriteLine(“a”);    Console.WriteLine(“b”); […]

Visual Studio Tip of the day – Refactoring – Changing variable names

Did you mistype a variable/function/property only to realize it in the code review and are frustrated over the time you will need to spend to correct it across the whole source code? Visual Studio 2005 has a new feature called refactoring by which you can rename a property/function/variable at one location and the same will […]

VB gets a LINQ equivalent

With the release of the LINQ CTP for Visual Basic, VB matches C# tooth and nail (purely from the LINQ perspective) CTP version features Intellisense, Dlinq support, support for XML literals, Download link: and

Is my webservice really a webservice

How to tell if your webservice is really a webservice which will interact seamlessly with external entities? Well, keep the following in mind 1. Uses WSDL.  A Web Service should expose its service contract using WSDL.  If it can’t give you a WSDL document, it’s probably just XML over HTTP… 2. Uses SOAP.  All messages sent from […]

How to: Determining programmatically if DLL is registered

Here is a C# code snippet to determine if a particular DLL is registered or not.   [DllImport(“kernel32”)] public extern static int LoadLibrary(string lpLibFileName);   [DllImport(“kernel32”)] public extern static bool FreeLibrary(int hLibModule);   public bool IsDllRegistered(string DllName) {       int libId = LoadLibrary(DllName);       if (libId>0) FreeLibrary(libId);       return (libId>0); }   Source:

Visual Studio Tip of the day – Format Document

Time and again we write code and our brackets get out of visual sync, i.e. they no longer appear as a coherent set even though they may be.   In Visual Studio, there is a feature known as Format Document which will align the code systematically.   It can be invoked by the key combination […]

Visual Studio 2005 – A Guided Tour

Want to learn more about Visual Studio 2005. MSDN magazine folks have come  up with a new issue dedicated solely to the new IDE. Check it out online at  

Enterprise Library for .NET Framework 2.0 released

Wohoo! Enterprise library for .NET Framework 2.0 has just been released. More details at Direct download link:

Visual Studio Tip of the day – Bookmarks

How often do you wish that you could put a mark at a particular location in your source code and then switch to that point with a simple click? With Visual Studio, you can do that with the help of bookmarks. A bookmark is a virtual placeholder which notes the position where you place one […]

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