Visual Studio Tip of the day – Bookmarks

How often do you wish that you could put a mark at a particular location in your source code and then switch to that point with a simple click?

With Visual Studio, you can do that with the help of bookmarks.

A bookmark is a virtual placeholder which notes the position where you place one and you can quickly go to that position from anywhere in your source files by just a few keyboard clicks.

How to define a bookmark?

To create a bookmark, press Ctrl K + Ctrl K

This creates a book mark in the code. This is indicated by a blue button like indication on the left side of the line where you placed the bookmark.

Now to switch bookmark from any portion of your code, just press Ctrl K + Ctrl N

To go to previous bookmark, press Ctrl K + Ctrl P

To unmark a particular bookmark, navigate to that bookmark and press Ctrl K + Ctrl K (yes, this is the same combination you used to create a bookmark, what you are currently doing is toggling a bookmark)

To clear all your bookmarks, press Ctrl K + Ctrl L

If you have many files in your current folder and you want to navigate to the next bookmark in the folder, the shortcuts for next bookmark in folder is Ctrl Shift K + Ctrl Shift N and the previous bookmark in folder is Ctrl Shift K + Ctrl Shift P

All the above options are also available from the menu, Edit > Bookmark > ….

If you want to see all the bookmarks in one window, Go to View -> Bookmark Window (Ctrl K + Ctrl W). And click on the bookmark you want to go to.

Happy coding.

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10 Responses to “Visual Studio Tip of the day – Bookmarks”

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