Office live site goes live

Office Live (still in beta) website went live today.

So what does Office live have for me?

Three categories of services:

1. Microsoft Office Live Basic: Easy to use web site design tool (ala Frontpage online), Free domain name and hosting , 5 personalized email accounts(Office live mail), good data storage and data transfer facilities, and best of all web site traffic analysis and reporting tools, with online support. And all this for free, till the beta period.

Web hosting details:

  • Free hosting
  • 30 MB of Web site storage
  • 10 GB of bandwidth
  • No setup or hidden fees
  • Online customer support
  • Daily backup (data retained for 30 days)

    2. Microsoft Office Live Collaboration: Shared sites(remember Sharepoint), on demand company applications (like shared calenders, Employee directory, expenses, jobs, hiring, Customer management, sales and marketing), and 50 MB of disk space, backed by enhanced data protection.

    3. Microsoft Office Live Essentials: Microsoft Office Live Basic + Sharepoint + 50 email accounts + Microsoft project.. — Complete tools to manage your business online… One stop solution for all your needs. (Free domain name and hosting, Easy to use web site design tool (ala Frontpage online).


    So lets get started.

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