Pop up text on a document saved as HTML

Thanks to Visio’s Mark Nelson for the following tip: You can add the User.visEquivTitle cell to your shape and provide a string that will display as a tooltip in the web output. The shape must also have at least one custom property for the tooltip to be visible. Steps:1) Select the shape in your drawing that you want to add a web tooltip for2) Go to Window > Show Shapesheet3) Go to Insert > Section, check User-defined cells and click OK4) In the newly created section, click on the row name User.Row_1 to select the title of the row5) Type … Continue reading Pop up text on a document saved as HTML

DistanceFrom Problem

Last month, Tsung-Yuan Liu reported that he was getting inconsistent results with DistanceFrom. DistanceFrom A->B was not the same as DistanceFrom B->A. If you create two identical squares seperated by a gap, DistanceFrom A->B = DistanceFrom B->A = the value of the gap If you change one of the squares to a rectangle by reducing the hieght and maintain the gap, as long as the tops or the bottoms are aligned, the above relationship still holds. Maintaining the gap, move the smaller rectangle (shape A), so that it’s top is below the top of the larger shape (shape B) and … Continue reading DistanceFrom Problem