TFS & Visual Studio ALM – by Neno Loje

(formerly Team System, VSTS)

What the Press says: Press reviews on Visual Studio Team System (VSTS)

July 2nd, 2005 · 1 Comment · General



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  • Rich

    VSTS is *hands down* the worst product Microsoft has released in a very long time. It’s surprisingly bad.

    First of all – it’s untested. That’s right. After installing RC2, I tried 2 very basic operations: Get Latest, and Merging conflicting files. Both of these operations failed miserably – so miserably, in fact, that I had to kill the devenv process.
    I was asked to install RC3, but it never connected to the new server – even though our administrator verified that what I was doing was correct.
    I backed out RC3 and tried to reinstall RC2. When I tried to reconnect to the older server, I got a null object reference exception!
    As I write this, I’m trying Repair.

    VSTS is very poorly architected. It blocks the main thread while accessing web services (hint to VSTS developers: look up how to call web services asynchronously). It’s slow, unstable, very buggy.

    I do not recommend this product at all.

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