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Emergency with TFS after installing SP1: "HTTP code 503: TF30059: Fatal error while initializing web service" or "HTTP code 403: Forbidden"

February 3rd, 2007 · 3 Comments · TFS 2005, TFS Administration, TFS Tips and Tricks

It’s a horor scenario you probably don’t really like to think of: You install Service Pack 1 on your production Team Foundation Server and from that moment on all connections (even from the server machine) result in one of the errors stated in the title of this post… if this is the cast: this is probably not your day!

The good news:

  1. You are not alone!
  2. There is help (a workaround)!

The Workaround:

  1. Change the directory security in ISS from “deny access” to “granted access”.
  2. Change the TFS SQL server databases (TfsActivityLogging, TfsBuild, TfsIntegration, and TfsVersionControl) from SINGLE_USER to MULTI_MODE.
  3. Restart IIS – and you should be fine.

The Disclaimer:

Use at your own risk! Although it worked for me, it doesn’t neccessarily work for you as well!

The Background:

The Quiescence patch for TFS changed IIS’s directory security to “deny access” and the switched the databases from MULTI_MODE to SINGLE_USER that no data corruption occures during the update process. For some reason this is in some cases not reverted automatically. Microsoft is investigating the issue and preparing to create a fix.

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