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[Tip] Shortcut Key for Pending Changes Window

April 22nd, 2007 · 2 Comments · Team Foundation Version Control, TFS 2005, TFS Tips and Tricks

Can’t find a window anymore? That’s no problem since you can find all the tool windows in the corresponding menu in Visual Studio.

Looking for Windows in VS

It’s under the View menu:

The view menu of Visual Studio 2005

Well, sometimes also unter the View » Other Windows menu:

The View » Other Windows menu of Visual Studio 2005

If it’s one of the test windows (Test View, Test Results, Test Manager, Code Coverage Results, Test Runs) you better start looking at Test » Windows (instead of View):

  The Test » Windows menu of Visual Studio 2005

And last but not least there is of course the Window menu. But you can’t find your windows here unless there are already open.

 The Window Menu of Visual Studio 2005

Use keyboard shortcuts

Now a quicker solution is to use keyboard shortcuts to tool windows more extensively. In our scenario we want to be able to open the Pending Changes Window.

You can specify or customize keyboard shortcuts in the Tools » Options dialog in Visual Studio:

 The Tools Menu in Visual Studio 2005

From the treeview select Keyboard, enter "View.TfsPendingChanges" in the "Show Command containing" text box and the desired shortcut into the Press shortcut keys box (just press the keys you want to map) and finally hit Assign.

  The Options Dialog in Visual Studio 2005

In this example I mapped the combination Ctrl + P, Ctrl + C (which stands for Pending Changes) to the View » Pending Changes command.

Note: You should consider to use nother shortcut since Ctrl + P usually maps to File.Print.


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