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Use SnagIt to capure your screen and create a new Work Item quickly

July 6th, 2007 · 2 Comments · Project Management with TFS, Screen Galleries, Team Foundation Server, TFS Tips and Tricks, TFS Work Item Tracking, Tools and Utilities

Capturing screenshots and new bugs quickly is a everyday task for software developers and testers.

The default Work Item form does not handle this scenario very efficiently, i.e. you have to click too many times until the new bug is created.

One nice solution comes out of TechSmith, the creators of the popular SnagIt screen capture tool. As Betsy Weber announced it they made a New “SnagIt Output for Microsoft Visual Studio Team System” [1] available which lets you create new Work Items with screenshots attached or update existing ones with ease.

Let’s try how it looks like…

  1. You take a capture of your screen using SnagIt.


  2. You use one of SnagIt’s diverse editing functions to make clear what’s the problem is (e.g. arrows, or text).


  3. You click the new “Team System” bottom in the toolbar and select “New Work Item” if there is no work item existing already.


  4. You supply connection information to your Team Foundation Server as well as which type of work item you want to create, what the name of the attached file and the associated comment should be.


  5. After hitting “Create” you get the well-known Work Item form where you could supply more details on the bug.


  6. Alternatively you can also add the screenshot to an already existing work item by hitting “Update Work Item” from the Team System toolbar menu.


  7. This let’s you search for the bug and updating it’s attachments.


  8. In either way the result is a nicely attached screenshot in your work item.


You can also watch a video [2] by TechSmith of the new output in Action. 




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  • Betsy Weber

    This is great – your screenshots are really good. Thanks for the write up! I appreciate it!

    And, please let me know if you have any feedback about the product or addin. We’re always looking to improve SnagIt as you know… 🙂

    Betsy Weber, Chief Evangelist

  • Noah Coad

    Nice writeup Neno!

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