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Some Code Analysis Rules gone in Visual Studio 2008

January 13th, 2008 · No Comments · 2915, Issues and Hotfixes, TFS 2008, VS Development Tools

I was very sad to hear that a few beloved rules were removed from code analysis (aka FxCop) in Visual Studio 2008. Here’s a list of the removed rules:

Removed due to removal of data flow engine:

  • CA1062 ValidateArgumentsOfPublicMethods
  • CA1303 DoNotPassLiteralsAsLocalizedParameters
  • CA2100 ReviewSqlQueriesForSecurityVulnerabilities
  • CA2202 DoNotDisposeObjectsMultipleTimes
  • CA2204 LiteralsShouldBeSpelledCorrectly
  • CA2215 DisposeMethodsShouldCallBaseClassDispose
  • CA2241 ProvideCorrectArgumentsToFormattingMethods
  • CA2000 DisposeObjectsBeforeLosingScope

Removed due to high noise or no longer applicable analysis:

  • CA1807 AvoidUnnecessaryStringCreation
  • CA1817 DoNotCallPropertiesThatCloneValuesInLoops
  • CA1818 DoNotConcatenateStringsInsideLoops

Analysis in this rule was moved to IdentifiersShouldBeCasedCorrectly:

  • CA1705 LongAcronymsShouldBePascalCased
  • CA1706 ShortAcronymsShouldBeUppercase

Analysis in this rule was moved to IdentifiersShouldNotContainTypeNames:

  • CA1718 AvoidLanguageSpecificTypeNamesInParameters

Analysis in this rule was moved to OverrideLinkDemandsShouldBeIdenticalToBase:

  • CA2110 SecureGetObjectDataOverrides

For more information why those rules were moved or removed see this explaining post over on the Code Analysis Team Blog as well as this feedback on Microsoft Connect.


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