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Creating Fake builds in TFS Build 2010 using the command line

April 26th, 2011 · No Comments · Team Foundation Build (TF Build), TFS 2010, Tools and Utilities

In TFS it’s possible to create “faked” builds, without actually running them. You can read about it in this blog post by Jason Prickett.

Main scenarios are:

  • Using a different build tool than TFS Build
    (by creating faked builds will let you use some of the great TFS features).
  • Creating sample data to show off TFS functionality

You can create “faked” builds on the command line using the following tool.


TfsCreateBuild.exe /collection:http://tfsserver:8080/tfs/MyCollection
/project:TeamProject /builddefinition:”Daily Build

(replace parts in blue)

Optional parameters:

  • /status:<value> Status of the build (Succeeded, Failed, Stopped, PartiallySucceeded)
  • /flavor:<name> Flavor of the build (to track test results against, default: Debug)
  • /platform:<name> Platform of the build (to track test results against, default: x86)
  • /target:<name> Target of the build (shown on build report, default: default)
  • /localpath:<path> Local path of solution file. (e.g. Solution.sln)
  • /serverpath:<path> Version Control path for solution file. (e.g. $/proj/src/app.sln)
  • /compileerrors:# Number of compilation errors.
  • /compilewarnings:# Number of compilation warnings.
  • /analysiserrors:# Number of static code analysis errors.
  • /analysiswarnings:# Number of static code analysis warnings.
  • /droplocation:<path> Location where builds are dropped.
  • /buildlog:<path> Location of build log file. (e.g. \server\folder\build.log)
  • /changesets:<ID> Changesets to associate (e.g. “/changesets:13,14,15”)*
  • /workitems:<ID> Work Items to associate (e.g. “/workitems:102,103”)*

(*) The parameters /changesets and /workitems are only available in the version for TFS 2013 and later.

The result:

No, TFS cannot compile Win 3.1 apps...

Download the tool from here:



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