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Clean-up after in-place upgrade to TFS 2013

October 21st, 2013 · 1 Comment · 18141, TFS Administration

After performing an in-place upgrade to TFS 2013, you might want to clean up the old TFS folder:

You can free up almost 2 GB by deleting the old TFS 11.0 folder.


How to do a clean uninstall of Visual Studio 2012?

October 15th, 2013 · No Comments · TFS Clients


  • How can I easily remove Visual Studio 2012 and all of its components?
  • Is there an install utility for Visual Studio 2012?


Yes, the uninstall utility is integrated into VS 2012 setup.

If you want to completely uninstall Visual Studio 2012, you can run VS 2012 setup with the following parameters:

vs_ultimate.exe /uninstall /force




Video: From Continuous Integration to Continuous Feedback using Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012

July 2nd, 2013 · No Comments · 17990, Events and Conferences, Team Foundation Server, VSTS


Content abstract:

We all know that listening to our customers and getting early feedback is very important. This talk focuses on how this can be achieved in the real world with the ultimate goal: to ship software that delight our customers!

This session focuses on the front end of continuous delivery: using PowerPoint Storyboarding to communicate ideas and prevent misunderstandings, managing requirements and priorities using a transparent product backlog, and integrating stakeholder feedback using Microsoft Feedback Client, all while getting rapid feedback throughout the entire process.

Link: to video


Continuous Value Delivery at Microsoft TechEd Europe 2013

June 27th, 2013 · No Comments · 17990, Events and Conferences, Team Foundation Server, VSTS

TechEd Europe 2013

Here are the sessions that relate to “shorter cycle times” and continuous delivery of value:

… and some related sessions (which I referred to):


TFS Build fails with "CA0053 Error running code analysis" with its “Unable to load rule assembly”.

June 19th, 2013 · No Comments · Team Foundation Build (TF Build), Visual Studio Online

You can fix this, by editing the project file. Remove the following two tags from the .csproj file (they should occur at least twice: once per configuration):


Get more details here.



Error TF259137 when trying to create new Lab Environment

June 11th, 2013 · No Comments · 17951, Visual Studio Online

The Problem

When trying to create a new Lab Environment with TFS 2012, you receive the following error message:

TF259137: The following account does not have sufficient permissions to complete the operation: DOMAIN\user. The following permissions are needed to perform this action: Write.

The Solution

You can find out about the current permissions by running the following command:

tfslabconfig.exe permissions /collection:<CollectionURL>

(Replace blue parts with actual values.)

In the output, I realized that somehow the "[PROJECTNAME]\Project Administrators" group had not permissions for the team project, so I fixed it by running:

tfslabconfig.exe permissions /collection:<CollectionURL>
/Group:"[Neno]\Project Administrators" /allow:*

Hope this helps!



Awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Visual Studio ALM (Application Lifecycle Management)

April 1st, 2013 · No Comments · 16664

Today, I got re-awarded as a Visual Studio ALM MVP for the 8th time.

The Visual Studio ALM brand is used to refer to Team Foundation Server (and service) as the core, surrounded by clients like the Visual Studio IDE, Microsoft Test Manager, Team Explorer, Microsoft Feedback Client, Team Web Access, and some more).

Here’s how Microsoft describes the MVP Award Program:

Congratulations to the New and Renewed MVPs

mvpToday, 885 exemplary community leaders around the world were notified that they have received the MVP Award! These individuals were chosen because they have demonstrated their deep commitment to helping others make the most of their technology, voluntarily sharing their passion and real-world knowledge of Microsoft products with the community.

While there are more than 100 million social and technical community members, only a small portion are selected to be recognized as MVPs. Each year, around 4,000 MVPs are honored. They are nominated by Microsoft, other community individuals, or in some cases themselves. Candidates are rigorously evaluated for their technical expertise, community leadership, and voluntary community contributions for the previous year. They come from more than 90 countries, speak over 40 different languages, and are awarded in more than 90 Microsoft technologies. Together, they answer more than 10 million questions a year!

MVPs are recognized each quarter for this annual award, which continues to grow and evolve to reflect the development of Microsoft technologies.

Congratulations to the new MVPs, and welcome back to renewed MVPs. We are very excited to recognize your amazing accomplishments!



Podcast: Interviewed by–.NET usergroup Netherlands

March 29th, 2013 · No Comments · 16664, Events and Conferences - logo


In this podcast, Hassan Fadili talks to Neno Loje, both VS ALM MVP’s, about new features in Visual Studio ALM & Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (and Service) 2012. Besides features, they also talk about success stories and areas of interest in this space.

Link to Podcast: (19 minutes, 24 seconds)


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PRB: You receive ‘not authorized’ errors on the TFS AT itself

March 16th, 2013 · No Comments · TFS Administration, TFS Installation and Configuration

The Problem

On the TFS application, if you try to access TFS using its FQDN you receive a “Not authorized” or “Unauthorized” error.

Unauthorized error message on the TFS drives you crazy?

How to fix

Try disabling the authentication loopback check as described in KB 887993 (there are two methods, where setting BackConnectionHostNames is the preferred one).


Q: What technologies do Coded UI Tests support?

February 2nd, 2013 · No Comments · 14323, VS Test Tools

Q: Do Coded UI Tests support <some Technology>?

A: I don’t know. But Microsoft is maintaining a support matrix at:

Note: this screenshot is not updated. Please refer to the link above.