TFS & Visual Studio ALM – by Neno Loje

(formerly Team System, VSTS)

TFS 2018 Tools

Current Status (updated: July 19, 2018)

Most of my TFS tools have been updated to be used with TFS 2018 (and they also still work great with older versions such as TFS 2015 or 2017). This page will regularily be updated with download links, as soon as they are available.

If you are in urgent need or want to try a tool in advance, feel free to let me know.


Tools for TFS 2015/2017/2018

  • TfsClean.exe – Finds and deletes old and unused workspaces and shelvesets.
  • TfsExport.exe – Downloads files from TFVC without the need to configure a workspace, optionally sets modified date to last check-in date and removes VC bindings.
  • TfsCreateBuild.exe – Allows you to creates fake builds entries in TFS.

Download all TFS tools as a .ZIP file:

Server-Side Plug-Ins for TFS 2018 only

Download all event-handlers as a .ZIP file: (TFS 2018 only).