Build 2015

Build 2015 was a very interesting show.

The most important thing was that many of the sessions were streamed live. You can really see something is changing inside MSFT.

You can also check out regional events.

Check it out


Well, Is the One Microsoft Vision Over?

There is a constant in our lives: Change.  Change has arrived at  the top of MSFT.

Like the Eagles say: This could be heaven or this could be hell…

Funny how everybody is a prognosticator now, and how many names are flying all over the media.  I was really amazed to  see  *isaB  in the list of names. You could easily tell that the media just took out the executive page and put it online as possible candidates hahahaha.  Microsoft needs to become a lean, mean, efficient customer pleasing profit making machine.  Now the 64Billion question is:  Is the board going to bet the bank on an outsider or is it going to play safe and promote an old timer?  Maybe the problem is that there are many old timers presiding over newbies, with a few exceptions. The problem is not the CEO, it is changing the whole culture and organization, specially the marketing and sales organization.  There are many capable people at MSFT, maybe their work is just focused on license revenue or perhaps ambiguous revenue…

Thanks SteveB    so long and thanks for all the fish.


Developers, Developers, Developers


"Blue" for the masses is finally here

If you  want to check out  Win 8.1 preview and use the new old Star Button check out the following links before you mess up your Win 8 install…

A few potentially handy links for those interested in the Windows 8.1 preview:

Download link for the Windows 8.1 preview

Windows 8.1 FAQ (read before you install)

List of processors a nd devicessupported (and not) with the Windows 8.1 preview (Note: this is likely to change by RTM)

Build 2013 – Back to the future with the Start Button

18 Years Later  I feel like playing Start me Up.  Mick Jagger is old but sounds pretty good.

I guess the tail can wag the dog. This is a major U turn for Microsoft.  

PDC 2003 is coming back to life, with the motto  write once run everywhere it seems like the old promise is revived with  one code for multiple screens. Lets hope the controls work as advertised

Windows 8.1 is a major about face for Microsoft.  I liked the code “blue” better.   For the sake of us developers I hope the future of Windows is very bright indeed.

Now the marketing hype is that there are millions of Windows devices, the only question is how many will upgrade

Go watch the lemonade stand at


Waiting for the "blue" wave and GIT on TFS

I sincerely hope the blue team and the Windows 9 team  are getting up to speed.

Although it is not necessary, some people wait for updates to speed up adoption. Come on guys and gals, lets get it done.

I also hope the wait for updates do not obstruct the way for server features and improvements.    Anyway, its fun to have git on TFS