How tuned is your time machine?

How tuned is your time machine?  No, I am not talking about DeLoreans with Flux Capacitors, but a tool almost all software development groups have but many use poorly, namely source control.  A simple test of how well your source control system is doing is to see how many times a day the average developer checks in code.  The sad fact is that in most development shops I encounter, the time a file is checked out is measured in weeks—as for a library book.Driver development can benefit greatly from a source control system that encourages its use.  It is amazing … Continue reading How tuned is your time machine?

Where was Don?

I haven’t posted for quite a while since I hit a period of intense work for my customers, demands by activities outside of work, and a cold/flu that has persisted for over a month.  I am back and expect to see postings from me on at least a weekly basis.