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I cut my developer teeth using Clipper and it still holds a special place in my heart. For those of you who feel the same way and have been waiting for the day you could use the xBase syntax in .NET, there are two products you may want to check out. There is CULE.NET, create by fellow Torontonian and Clipper illuminate Rod Da Silva, and there is Vulcan.NET created by… well… other people (no slam to the other people, I just don’t know who they are). Anyway, if you long for ragged arrays, code blocks and switching indexes to sort your .NET dream may have come true.

It turns out the developers of  Vulcan.NET are from GrafX Software, the same people behind the inclusion of COMIX DBFCDX and FlexFile into Clipper. See the comments for more information.

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  1. Vulcan.NET is a GrafX Software product. GrafX were the people behind the inclusion of COMIX DBFCDX and FlexFile into Clipper. They are also the current developers of Visual Objects. Brian Feldman, project leader, has been major distributor of Clipper/Visual Objects and related products for many years. The development team, all veteran Clipper/Visual Objects programmers, include Don Caton (CISComm, Newshound), Robert van der Hulst (VO2ADO, VO2Jet), and Paul Piko (VO Productivity Pack).

    Vulcan.NET offers a combination of the Clipper/Visual Objects feature set with all of what .NET has to offer. VulcanDB provides DBF support to .NET languages from the desktop to the mobile device.

    Our DevTeam will be showing the product in Cologne Germany this November 9-14 (http://www.vodc.visualobjects.de/en).

    The product is currently in beta and should be release by the end of the year. For more information, please visit our website at http://www.vulcanDotNet.com.

  2. I’m also excited about these new .NET language products for Xbase. I’ve known Rod da Silva for many years and have been a beta tester for his CULE product, which is a new .NET language product based on the Xbase heritage. I’ve also known Brian Feldman and his team at Grafx (Don Caton, Paul Piko, Robert van der Hulst, and John Parker) for an equal number of years, and I’m also a beta tester for Vulcan.NET, which is designed to be as compatible as possible with the Visual Objects language but extended for .NET. I’m a .NET Compact Framework MVP and also an old Clipperhead too, and I agree that these are both welcome developments! Since you know Rod but don’t know the Grafx team, let me introduce them: Grafx has been associated with Clipper for many years, primarily providing software for data access inside the Clipper and Visual Objects products, and Grafx is now responsible for all development for Clipper and Visual Objects.

    I’ll be at PDC 05 too and look forward to discussing these products with another old Clipperhead.


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