Et Tu ????, then Fall Vista

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One of things I found interesting at last week’s DevTeach conference was the number of conversations that ended up as bitch sessions about Windows Vista. Issues with drivers, with intermittent bugs, with the network stack, with UAC, and on and on. The best quote (said partially tongue-in-cheek) being that because of these issues, Windows XP SP3 is going to end up being the most successful product in Microsoft’s history.  My personal favorite is just an annoyance – when you right click on a program and select Run as Administrator, Vista immediately puts up a dialog asking if you want to run the program with administrator rights.

Hopefully these issues will be addressed quickly. In the mean time, it makes me feel much better about my decision to install Vista on a laptop that is strictly used for user group/conference presentations and leave XP on my other machines.

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  1. I have Vista on my presentation machine and that had a bad effect on my ClickOnce talk 🙁

    I had two nasty problems. One caused by IIS7’s security being a lot tighter than IIS6, the other by a problem I have yet to solve.

    Oh well… It was great seeing you!!

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