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Thanks to all of you who came out to DevTeach and cudos to the organizers for running a great event. I hope to see you in Montreal in December.

You can download the slides and demos I used in my sessions by clicking the links below.

Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is Microsoft’s next generation API for developing distributed applications and connected systems. It combines and extends the four distributed programming technologies (ASMX web services, remoting, message queuing, and COM+) used in previous versions of the framework. This session will provide a solid overview to WCF. It will describe the essential programming concepts that are core to the technology and will demonstrate how build, configure and consume simple services.

Strategies for Moving Your Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Investments to .NET
Co-presented with Beth Massi
Visual Basic (VB) 6 was used by millions of developers world-wide to build applications ranging from thousands to millions of lines of code representing significant organizational investments. The path from VB 6 to .NET has not always been clear, there is no one size fits all approach. We’ll cut to the chase, exploring the pros and cons of each option using real world examples. You will leave this session with the framework and tools to develop the right strategy for your organization to leverage your existing investments while taking advantage of the power and productivity the .NET Framework provides today and .NET Framework 3.0 will provide going forward.

Integrating ASP.NET AJAX with SharePoint
SharePoint provides a great infrastructure for quickly building intranet and Internet applications. ASP.NET AJAX provides a foundation for creating highly productive Web interfaces. Combined they are two great tastes that taste great together! In this session we will cover the basics of working with ASP.NET AJAX inside of SharePoint 2007. We will take a look at how to prepare a Web Application for ASP.NET AJAX, and how to use various ASP.NET AJAX tools such as the JavaScript libraries, JSON-enabled Web services, and UpdatePanels to build add rich interactivity to your SharePoint sites.

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