A New Chapter

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I’m happy to announce that, starting July 1, I will be joining Allin Consulting as a Lead SharePoint Consultant. Allin (pronounced All-in, as in Texas Holdem) is located just North of Boston in Wakefield, MA.

Yes, this means I’m leaving ObjectSharp Consulting, with whom I’ve worked for the better part of the last six years. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at ObjectSharp. I love that that company is so community focused and that everyone there, past and present, has a commitment to excellence for the customer.

OK then, why the move? Allin is a company very much like ObjectSharp – about the same size and with the same commitments to both the community and to their customers. The big difference is that they specialize in SharePoint and that’s where I want to specialize as well. I still enjoy doing .NET assignments but I feel I can make more of an impact for both the community and for clients doing SharePoint. SharePoint today feels to me like .NET did in 2002/2003. There are so many opportunities to help the developer community and that, in turn, always means opportunities for me to learn as well.

Another aspect of this change is that I will be increasing my involvement in community. I’ll be blogging more and be spending more time at community events and conferences – particularly SharePoint Saturdays. Speaking of community, a sad component of the change is that I am going to have to step down as the leader of the The North of Toronto .NET User Group (which many of you know as the Toronto Visual Basic User Group). I was happy to run the group for 10.5 years, I hope that I’ll be able to find someone to take over the reigns.

The rest of the details will have to wait for others posts – mostly because we are still working them out. I know I’ll be spending some time in Boston, some time in Toronto, and some time in other places. Wherever I am, if you’re close by feel free to ping me on Twitter and we can grab a beverage and talk about SharePoint (and maybe other geek stuff as well).

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  1. Congrats, Rob! or should I say “Boston Rob”! LOL. Boston: what a great city to discover. The tech community in Canada will miss you. I’ll always remember the fun that ensued when you taught at ObjectSharp. Best of luck and keep in touch!

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