Speaking at DEVIntersection in November

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I’ll be presenting two sessions and co-presenting a workshop at DEVIntersection. The conference is in Las Vegas, NV from October 31 to November 2.

Make sure you use my discount code, WINDSOR, for $50 off the registration cost. See you there!

Workshop with Mark Rackley – SharePoint Online Development Options
For the last few years innovation for SharePoint has been taking place exclusively in SharePoint Online. This innovation is happening at a very rapid pace; there seems to be something new or different every week or two. It can be tough for developers to keep up with these changes and understand the options they have when developing for SharePoint Online. In this workshop we will explore these options, see how they apply to different problem sets, and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Over the course of the day we’ll look client-side development with JavaScript, building add-ins with the SharePoint Add-In Model (a.k.a. App Model) and building client-side web parts with the SharePoint Framework. Note: while this workshop focuses on development for SharePoint Online, much of the content also applies to development for the on-premises versions of SharePoint.

Introduction to the Office Dev PnP Core Libraries
The Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices (PnP) team have released two libraries focused on increase developer productivity by reducing the amount of code needed when building remote applications. The Office 365 Developer PnP Core Component is a managed code library that extends and encapsulates commonly used Client Object Model operations. The Office 365 Developer PnP JavaScript Core Library is a JavaScript library that simplifies the use of the REST API. After a brief discussion of the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices project as a whole we’ll move to demos showing how you get started using the Office 365 Developer PnP Core libraries.

Building Your First App with the Microsoft Graph (Office 365 APIs)
The Microsoft Graph is to Office 365 what the REST API and CSOM are to SharePoint. It is a unified endpoint that provides access to a set of RESTful web services (the Office 365 APIs) that enable you to build applications that work with users, groups, calendars, files, tasks, people, notes and more. This session shows you how you can use free tools and resources to build an application that uses the Microsoft Graph. The topics discussed in the session include: using the API explorer, registering an app with Azure Active Directory, Visual Studio tooling, using the REST services, and using the SDK.

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