How Do You Demonstrate Your Tablet PC

How do you show it off?I end up showing off my Tablet PC all the time.

This is how I do it:

  • Ink Recognition with Windows Journal or OneNote. I usually use Journal, because it has that simple interface, and with it being included with the operating system, it spares me getting into pricing, version, MS Office, service packs, et al.
  • Tablet Input Panel with WordPad or NotePad (nice, low overhead application that demonstrates the fundamentals)
    – this works well for both ink and speech recognition
  • Speech Recognition – If you have a relatively controlled environment you can pull this off.
    During presentations I will dictate (repeat) questions and then answer them. That’s not interesting until you realize that I’m doing this without touching the computer and the questions and answers are showing up on the projector. 
    I have done this with Tablet PCs with array microphones built into the bezel.  
  • SketchingArtRage, Corel Grafigo, Alias Sketchbook
    Lately I’ve been using ArtRage because it is free, and I don’t have to get into discussions about pricing, demo versions etc.
  • I’m also just getting to know xThink MathJournal and I’m certain that when I get fluent with it, it is going to be very impressive.

I was thinking that I should do up a folder on the desktop that has a few sample documents of various kinds that I could use to demonstrate the basics. Maybe it should shortcuts to the applications too.

The goal: Clearer demonstration of the concepts, in the least amount of time, with lowest impact on production (my really important/confidential) files.

See more ideas at tabletpcbuzz

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