Uncapping the Pen

 Musings of a Fountain Pen writer

Got to thinking about a Cross Capped Pen. When the first “uncapped” versions came out, I was underwhelmed. I like the feel of the HP TC1100 pen, although the thinner Toshiba pen is fine too. I just couldn’t see the point of a pen that would not fit into the holders of my Tablet PCs. I should add that I was never a fan of the ubiquitous Cross ballpoint with its slick finish and skinny barrel.

Uncapping the Pen

Visualize the flourish that comes of uncapping a fountain pen. This simple motion has traditionally preceded something momentous like the signing of a treaty or the beginning of a work of art.

Sometimes it presages a significant change such as going from negotiation to the signing of a contract or perhaps simply, signing a cheque. Uncapping the pen suggests something permanent is about to happen.

Our technologies and the rate at which they change defy any sense of lasting value. I miss the feel of ink on parchment. I long for the roughness of wood. Uncapping the pen is a time to pause, to consider, to take it slow. It conveys a measured thought. It precedes a deliberate and purposeful act. (do a google search on the phrase “uncapping the pen” and get an appreciation for how significant this simple act has been in western culture).

Attend a meeting and look around. Who has the power? Is it the person who whips out a laptop? How about the one who pulls a simple stick pen from a pocket and scratches a note on a pad of paper.

There is something deliberate in opening a beautiful portfolio. There is something masterful in slowly uncapping the pen. It is a sign. Something important is about to happen. Perhaps I will order that capped pen for my Tablet PC.

The Mind Map below came first, and words above came later. It’s a little fuzzy because I shrunk the image so it would fit better here.

MindMap Uncapping the Pen:

 Uncapping the Pen - Mind Map
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