Decisions, Decisions! – The Tablet PC Rationalizer Tool

Decisions Decisions!

There are lots of new models of Tablet PCs lately, and I doubt that there has been a time when there were so many models available.

Last year I created the Tablet PC Rationalizer and posted it on TabletPCBuzz.

This is an Excel Workbook. The documentation is in the file.
Here’s a screen shot – click the image to download it.


All the Factors, Raw Scores and Weights are user configurable. (Over-write the sample data) or add your own (change “unused”)

Over at Tablet PC Talk there is a terrific Quick Comparison Chart that has specifications of many of the Tablet PCs currently available. At time of writing – the newest Toshiba R10/R15 and HP TC4200 aren’t on the list, but perhaps soon they will be.


Don’t take this as more than it is intended to be: A tool to facilitate a thought process.  I have been using various versions of this for years. But sometimes you buy a car because it is red, or a computer because it is cool regardless of what the logic may suggest.


Link: Download

One thought on “Decisions, Decisions! – The Tablet PC Rationalizer Tool

  1. Very nice – I missed this the first time around. James Kendrick and I will be mentioning this great tool in the context of a larger discussion topic on the next Tablet PC Show podcast.

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