Take my Tablet PC … Please

Henny Youngman, from a 1990 promotional flyerTake my Tablet PC … Please!
– With apologies to Henny Youngman
Much to my surprise, a well known personality in the Tablet PC space wrote to me asking my opinion of the HP TC1100. I know that he is familiar with The Tablet Rationalizer tool, and my first inclination was to suggest he use it.

Reading his note again; he did not ask which Tablet PC to buy, but rather:
Do you like TC1100? Would you recommend it to others?“.
Short answers:
Yes I like the TC1100.

… I take my Tablet PC with me everywhere, but it keeps finding its way back!
– sorry Henny

I’ve had my TC1100 for over a year and recently picked up my second Toshiba M200.

My take-it-everywhere machine is the TC1100. I rarely take the keyboard, but I am very glad to have the option when I foresee that I will need it. The rest of the time (most of the time), I travel light (3.1 pounds).
The point is, I take it with me everywhere and do so without reservation or regret. Any place I have taken it to use it in that mobile Tablet PC kind of application, I would do it again. Hence:  “it keeps finding its way back“.

A few reasons I like the HP TC1100:

  • Overall design – I like the asthetics. It “feels” like a well engineered piece of technology.
  • Size / Weight – Not the lightest, it is for now, light enough and small enough that I do take it everywhere.
  • Viewing angle – Except for direct sunlight, I can comfortably work with this little marvel in just about any posture I can still manage.
  • Tiny footprint – Attach the keyboard (which I happen to like) and the space this takes on a flat surface is tiny. This matters at a meeting table, airplane tray, or student desk.
  • Support – My experiences with HP support have been unremarkable. That is: When things come up, they handle it and I have no cause to complain.

Would I recommend it?

I told the doctor I broke my leg in two places. He told me to quit going to those places.
– Henny Youngman

If you think that you would like what I like about the TC1100, then definitely “go there”. In a very long winded comparison/review of the TC1100 and the Toshiba M200, I likened the TC1100 to a sports car – a svelte personal touring machine, and the M200 to a muscle car.
I will find and post that long comparison / review tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Take my Tablet PC … Please

  1. Very entertaining…and informative.

    Seems like a good plan is aalways ask someone who has a device about it… followed by doing a web search for any problems !

    Anyway any tablet is a good tablet… just needs the right mix of software, practice and finding the right way to max out its use for you own personal way of working.

  2. >>Anyway any tablet is a good tablet… just needs the right mix of software, practice and finding the right way to max out its use for you own personal way of working.

    That’s what I’m finding. After about 2.5 weeks with the Averatec, I’m starting to figure out how to use it. This is not only how to actually use the tablet, ink, stylus, os etc., but how to use it with the work that I do. I’m enjoying the tablet and the freedom it gives me more and more.

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