Are Tablet PCs Too Expensive? Compared to What?

One frequent comment you hear about Tablet PCs is that they will not enter the mainstream until the price comes down. I thought it would be worthwhile to explore the question, “Are Tablet PC’s too expensive?” Today let’s ponder … Compared to What? I was cruising through the latest flyer from Dell, and as I have occasion to do, wandering through some big box retailers. It is pretty clear that pound- for-pound, in the under 5 pound range, Tablet PCs cost more money than similarly configured ultra-light machines. Not a whole lot more, but 15-25% seems common. When you get … Continue reading Are Tablet PCs Too Expensive? Compared to What?

Experience Pack for Tablet PC

Click the image to find out more! A few notes: There was another flurry of speculation when the old Snipping Tool Powertoy disappeared from the Microsoft site on Friday. Look for an review on TabletPCBuzz later today. Enjoy!

What IS a Tablet PC?

What is a Tablet PC? Microsoft defined “Tablet PC” years ago, and I’ll spare you the technical details. I think the defining characteristics of a Tablet PC are shaped by what you as an individual do with it. It is a surprisingly personal device. It tends to defy conventional definition because it is so easily confused with other technologies from which it seems to have been derived. Let’s get rid of some of the truths that get in the way of the definition. The Tablet PC is: A portable personal computer that: Runs Windows XP Pro with Tablet PC “extensions” … Continue reading What IS a Tablet PC?