Sending a Student to College or University this Fall?

Are you sending a student to College or University in the fall? Then you probably have lots of question, but let’s ask a couple more.

Q: Should I spend the extra money it takes to get a Tablet PC instead of a more traditional Notebook PC?
A:  Yes.

Q: Why?
A: If you are waiting for a long answer, I’m putting in this preamble so you’ll feel better.
The short answer: It is a competitive world!

Seriously, if you are sending someone through school, this is an easy decision. If there is even a chance that you can increase your student’s odds of success you will do it.

Seriously, the cost differential we are talking about less than a cup of gourmet coffee per day.

The long answer:  see Part II 


* Dr. Chris M. Wilkerson (a fellow MVP – Tablet PCs) posted the first question on Tablet PC Buzz over the weekend. There are lots of ways to approach this question. I’ll post a link to the discussion on the Buzz when it comes back up.   

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