I Just Got My New Tablet PC

Every now and someone asks, “I just got my new Tablet PC, and there is a lot of software pre-loaded that I don’t need. How do I remove it?” The concerns: There are over 70 running processes. My desktop machine doesn’t have that many. What can I remove? I need a clean copy of Windows XP Tablet PC edition so I can start fresh without all the stuff that the manufacturer loaded on my machine. I paid for ___ megabytes of memory and ___ are being consumed by these mysterious processes Ideas<EVERY better? There are those who want to dominate the … Continue reading I Just Got My New Tablet PC

Tablet PC Buzz is back online

Posted by Spencer about 50 minutes ago at TabletPCBuzz I’m sure you had probably noticed by now, but TabletPCBuzz has been down for almost 3 full days now. It all started with a hard drive crash Tuesday morning, followed by lots of effort on Wednesday to recover the data from the drive. This didn’t work, so the drive was replaced, and I started bringing the site back from backups. In the middle of doing this however, we had another hard drive crash this afternoon (on the second drive this time, not the one replaced the first time). So, after replacing … Continue reading Tablet PC Buzz is back online

Sending a Student to College or University this Fall? Part II

I’m sending a student to College/University in the fall… Q: Should I spend the extra money it takes to get a Tablet PC instead of a more traditional Notebook PC? Q: Why?From yesterday: The short answer – It’s a competitive world The longer answer: Let’s look more closely at the kind of competitive edge the Tablet PC can offer a student. Things you can only do with a Tablet PCOkay, we’re talking about Ink; the ability to write on the screen. This gives you the ability to make notes in the same way you can on paper. The picture at the top of … Continue reading Sending a Student to College or University this Fall? Part II