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Posted by Spencer about 50 minutes ago at TabletPCBuzz

I’m sure you had probably noticed by now, but TabletPCBuzz has been down for almost 3 full days now. It all started with a hard drive crash Tuesday morning, followed by lots of effort on Wednesday to recover the data from the drive. This didn’t work, so the drive was replaced, and I started bringing the site back from backups. In the middle of doing this however, we had another hard drive crash this afternoon (on the second drive this time, not the one replaced the first time). So, after replacing all that, I was finally able to bring the site back up and running here this evening.

As the result of this hard drive crash, and because of issues with missing and corrupt backups, I was forced to restore this site back to it’s state from late April. This is about a month of data loss. I’m terribly sorry for lost posts, information, etc. Also, if you registered on the site between the end of April and now, you will need to register again to be able to post. I’m really frustrated right now that this was able to happen, and I’m also quite tired of working on the server (3rd day in a row here). Everything should be up and running now, excluding search (the index is population).

Again, my greatest apologies for this downtime and data loss. Rest assured, I will be putting in place more backup procedures and the like, hopefully to prevent something like this from happening again. On the bright side right now, we are back online! Thanks for your patience and for visiting!

Spencer Goad Owner & Executive Editor

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