The Eyes Have It!

click to see full sized version and articleOf all the ways that Tablet PCs have changed over the last 12 months, one of the most visible changes has been in the screen sizes. It was not quite 11 months ago that we saw the first Wide Screen Tablet PC from Gateway. At 1280 x 768 (and about 7 pounds) it was something of a mind and arm bender to look at and use.

Here’s a link to  my updated Screen Resolution Chart. That thumbnail is at 50% (in each direction) of its normal size just in case you were wondering.

Look up the machine you have now on the chart. Look at the right most column and find the dots per inch. Then look up another resolution that you might be considering and compare.

The values that are circled in red are resolutions higher than 144 dots per inch. Probably the borderline beyond which most of us cannot do prolonged immersive work.

So click the picture to see the article.

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