The OOBE Made Me a NOOBE (Newbie)

Or, “How can a 3 pound device render me powerless?”

This is not endemic to the technology experience, but it is fairly prevalent. Someone with seemingly relevent prior knowledge, opens the box (the OOBE) (Out of Box Experience)  and is shortly thereafter, reduced to a mumbling, angry, disconsolate shell of his/her former confident self: a Newbie (something we would call the new kid in school).

When people approach new machines (computer related or something else), sometimes the worst enemy is prior knowledge. Some of us have spent decades learning the finer points of overcoming – no – defeating – no pommeling into submission – the faults and indiosyncracies of the technololgy we adore and hate, and hate to adore. This leads to some serious traps. One is …

Stating our problems in the language of old solutions

I type faster than I write. Writing is too slow

What is the problem here? Maybe it is the assumption that you must have type (managed) text.  If you are a fan of inking, you already know the answer to this statement. (Explore this in Compared to What)

I have too many processes running at startup

What is the problem? If you are relatively new to computing, or simply a pragmatist, you could look at that, perceive that somebody thinks there’s a problem – and then get back to work.

Now I’ll give you a real problem “The machine doesn’t work at all“. And then to add insult to injury… “It was working before I fixed it“.

We could talk about this forever – but let’s not.

There are some articles over on TabletWiki to help you through the OOBE. You can read

  • The OOBE Made Me a Newbie (the rest of this mini editorial)
    or skip that and get to some practical things that deserve your attention
    “right out of the box”

  • OOBE/Things to Do NOW
    This sets out some pretty simple things you can do to save yourself hours, days or weeks of grief later.

  • Tablet PC Edition Processes
    While I don’t agree that the first thing you should be doing is deleting things from what should be a stable machine, if you want to do it, you can start here.

PS – I am aware that OOBE is also an acronym for Out of Body Experience, and won’t that be fun to explore at some point in the future.

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