Oh how I wish I had thought of that earlier.

I’m still talking about the Out-Of Box Experience, and how the way we deal with it can have long-term effects on the way we use our devices.

You can jump straight over to the some thoughts on Investments you want to consider in those early days of ownership, or read on as I explain the playful acronyms in the title.

See: Investments

More about the acronyms:


Out of the Box Experience. I am taking a wider interpretation of the term than you will find in Wikipedia. I want to consider the fugue state that for some is that odd, out of the norm, out of place mindset that ensues from the moment you receive your new machine until it becomes an almost transparent part of your life. For some, that state starts in the early stages of desire, and never completely passes.


(NewBie alt. Newbie). I prefer the Newbie spelling as it is not necessarily an insult as much as an acknowledgement that someone is naive in the context of a new field.

But don’t wander away now, having discerned that as a seasoned computer user, I am not talking about you. Your prior knowledge and experience is probably the reason why you will ignore, overlook, or dismiss some of the most interesting aspects of your new machine.


Things to do now upon opening the box. For relatively mundane, routine tasks see: OOBE Things to Do NOW.

Now it is time to think about Investments. These include unlearning the workarounds you learned to cope with other (less capable) technologies, applying these to your favourite applications, and rethinking the way you work.

See: Investments

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