MaxiVista Version 3

Here is another one of my “use it every day” applications. Maxivista. If you have read any of my postings related to productivity enhancing tools you know that I use MaxiVista for remote mirroring when lecturing with my Tablet PCs. I am very excited about the new version. Gunnar Bartels must have been reading my mind when he added these new features and improvements. Version 3 now supports Vista! Enhanced clipboard synchronizationMaxiVista now also synchronizes formatted text, bitmaps and files (Windows XP/Vista only) between the computer’s clipboards: Improved Remote ControlThe Viewer program can now operate as a Windows service which … Continue reading MaxiVista Version 3

ActiveWords SE free offer to College & University Students

 I am a great fan of ActiveWords and use it daily. Today I saw this on the ActiveWords website. ActiveWord Systems offers a free four year ActiveWords SE* license to all college and university students in the United States. ActiveWords SE is exactly the same as the commercial product ActiveWords PLUS, with these exceptions; (1) ActiveWords SE does not include scripting, (2) ActiveWords SE includes access to a more limited set of free add-in applications. Link: ActiveWords SE