Vikram Madan (MS UMPC Devp Mgr) Blogs

Vikram Madan and is a Development Manager on the Microsoft team chartered with incubating the relatively-new Windows Ultra Mobile-PC category (aka UMPCs or Microsoft Origami UMPCs). And here is a link to his blog:  We’re in good company now!

Vista Drivers for the Toshiba M200

Toshiba sites in Europe have drivers for Vista. These appear to have gone up around March 20, 2007. Toshiba Vista Drivers – Toshiba Europe(If you get an error page – big red letters – refresh the page and it might come up). The sites are not displaying well for me, but I was able to get the links from the pages and I have posted those and some comments about using them in Toshiba M200 Vista Installation Notes – MobilePCWiki      

OneNote Calendar from Josh Einstein

Josh Einstein has been busy and has just created his OneNote Calendar.Josh describes it this way. It’s an application that presents your OneNote pages in chronological order according to their last modified date on a calendar so that you can see your notes by when you wrote them, not where. You can preview the note pages in the app or double click a calendar item to open it in OneNote. Full screen mode will probably be pretty useful on origami devices. If the resolution gets too constrained it turns off the preview pane by default.And when I asked about the … Continue reading OneNote Calendar from Josh Einstein

PC Mag "Just another slate tablet that can’t replace a true PC"

In an article “The Worst PCs“ 03.20.07 Buyer beware: You’ll want to stay away from this batch of laptops and desktops. PC Mag names the Samsung Q1 among their list of the worst PCs. PC Mag just doesn’t get it, and they seem to be going out of their way to prove it.You can read the whole article starting here:,1895,2105454,00.aspThe Q1 is on the second page:,1895,2105455,00.aspQuoting the PC Mag summary:Product: Samsung Q1Category: Laptops & NotebooksRating: 2.5Reviewed: 5/1/06What We Liked: Good speaker sound quality. Full-blown Windows XP operating system. Very portable. Resolution toggle button.What We Didn’t Like: No keyboard or optical drive … Continue reading PC Mag "Just another slate tablet that can’t replace a true PC"

The Buzz is Back

The Buzz is back and Spencer talks about what happened.   *Pulling hair out* Downtime from the last few days    and there are some hints about some changes coming.   In my previous post I alluded to a stand of weeds (controversy) that just needs no more water. So I’ll just leave it.

The Buzz attacked again

  Somebody hit the site again. It looks like a different exploit, but the site is defaced all the same.   At this moment, Spencer (who was studying for an exam) is restoring the site. I have already captured the day’s posts and will try to get them reposted later tonight.   Edit   I can’t imagine why The Buzz is a target. Can you?   This expression of personal disbelief and rhetorical question seem to have given rise to some speculation. It’s pretty hard to recant on the web, but I’ll do my best in my next post.

To V or not to V, that is the qVestion

I’m sold, period, flat out, no questions asked, no looking back, every machine around me that will run it, is running Vista.  Why? Most of my machines are Tablet PCs and the improvements in the user interface for a Tablet PC user make it well worth the time it takes to adapt to Vista. See: Tablet PC Features in Vista I had quite a debate with someone who kept trying to shoehorn Vista into a box called ‘trivial eye-candy user-interface upgrades’. And that’s okay, because to him Vista means a change that will trigger replacing a couple hundred machines that he’s … Continue reading To V or not to V, that is the qVestion