PC Mag "Just another slate tablet that can’t replace a true PC"

In an article “The Worst PCs 

Buyer beware: You’ll want to stay away from this batch of laptops and desktops.
PC Mag names the Samsung Q1 among their list of the worst PCs.

PC Mag just doesn’t get it, and they seem to be going out of their way to prove it.

You can read the whole article starting here:

The Q1 is on the second page:
Quoting the PC Mag summary:

Product: Samsung Q1
Category: Laptops & Notebooks
Rating: 2.5
Reviewed: 5/1/06
What We Liked: Good speaker sound quality. Full-blown Windows XP operating system. Very portable. Resolution toggle button.
What We Didn’t Like: No keyboard or optical drive included. Not very good for writing extensively. PDA-like stylus. Slow processor and nonupgradable RAM.
What You Should Know: Just another slate tablet that can’t replace a true PC, but it makes for a nice portable media player that would be more attractive if it weren’t so pricey.
Read the full review of the Samsung Q1.

But all this really tells me is that PC Magazine doesn’t understand the platform. They don’t understand that it is a separate platform.

Unfortunately this characterization of the machine is based on a model that has been updated twice since the initial review in May last year (and the information that places this machine in the Worst PC Category).

The specs for the version currently available (Q1P) are much better with a Pentium M  1.0 gHz and 1 gig of RAM standard.



The Q1 Ultra (announced last week) looks even better.

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