Use Microsoft SharedView to Mirror Your Tablet PC on another machine anywhere

I just found this – Microsoft SharedView – it’s free, supports up to 15 users over the Internet, and from what I can see, I am going to be using it a great deal. It seems to work as well as Windows Meeting Space (see Use Windows Meeting Space to Mirror Your Tablet PC to a Projector ) but unlike Windows Meeting Space, SharedView will work with Windows XP and across the Internet. For that second point – this means that unlike Windows Meeting Space – you do NOT have to have both machines on the same subnet. This is was … Continue reading Use Microsoft SharedView to Mirror Your Tablet PC on another machine anywhere

OneNote and Education Blog

Mike Tholfsen – Test Manager of the OneNote Team has kicked off his blog, OneNote and Education. I am interested in how OneNote can help enhance the learning environment and I believe OneNote will be a primary tool for 21st century education.  We also plan to have other guest bloggers from the OneNote team and from other Microsoft teams post education-related entries here.  John Guin is still writing the OneNote Testing blog so even though I’m the test manager, this blog will be about OneNote and education. Because there are so many things happening right now with OneNote and education, … Continue reading OneNote and Education Blog

Use Windows Meeting Space to Mirror Your Tablet PC to a Projector

I use my Tablet PC when I do public speaking.  I like to use it to display and build MindMaps using MindManager or draw diagrams with SketchBook Pro. This should be very straightforward, but it gets interesting when I want to display my Tablet PC with a projector, and to walk around the room at the same time. (Try that with at conventional laptop machine). I have been using MaxiVista for this application for years. (see: Wireless Presentations with a Tablet PC with MaxiVista) MaxiVista has been great but there are some issues with Vista. You can work around them, … Continue reading Use Windows Meeting Space to Mirror Your Tablet PC to a Projector

Origami Experience 2.0 Part 2: RSS

Brandon LeBlanc has just published part 2 of 4 of his preview of the Origami Experience 2.0. In this installment he covers RSS features in Origami Central, one of the three applications in the Origami Experience 2.0 software. To start at the beginning of the series see: Taking a Closer Look at the Origami Experience 2.0 I have had mixed success integrating a UMPC into my mobile life. But Origami Experience 2.0 has come a long way in making this more viable. With a touch optimized experience designed around a smaller screen, this is worth investigating again.    

Tablet PC Buzz is getting a Major Upgrade

John Hill, owner of Tablet PC Buzz has announced a major overhaul to the forums there. This is very exciting news as it speaks to John’s commitment to the site and to the community.   We are very excited to announce that as of Monday, May 19th, TabletPCBuzz is in the process of receiving a MAJOR UPGRADE to vBulletin forum software. DURING THIS TIME, AS WE MIGRATE THE DATABASE TO THE NEW SOFTWARE, ANY NEW POSTS WILL NOT TRANSFER. YOU MAY CONTINUE TO USE THE FORUMS. It is estimated that this process will take 3-4 days (hopefully less), so please … Continue reading Tablet PC Buzz is getting a Major Upgrade

The Ultimate Vanity

Would that be to subject an audience to a presentation done in one’s own handwriting? Last week I found myself having to be in two places at once. I couldn’t do that of course so I fired up Camtasia Studio and opened my presentation MindMap that I had prepared in MindManager. I walked through the map recording my comments and adding branches and diagrams as I went along. Knowing that this was going to be presented to a live audience, I paused several times- asking for participant discussion. I didn’t have a lot of time to do this so  I … Continue reading The Ultimate Vanity

Put Windows Live on your Windows Mobile phone

As a person who is rarely out and about without a Tablet PC and EVDO access to the web, I really wasn’t interested in data features in a mobile telephone. But that didn’t stop me from getting an HTC Touch with Windows Mobile 6.0, when I needed to replace my eight year old cell phone recently.  As I get better acquainted with the features of my Windows 6 Pro smartphone , I am realizing that it can be so much more than just a phone – even though that’s all I really wanted from it. I just came across this announcement in Brandon LeBlanc’s … Continue reading Put Windows Live on your Windows Mobile phone

PC Mag writes about Top Tablet PCs

PC Mag does a quick roundup of several of the  heavy hitters in the current Tablet PC landscape. The introduction is pretty positive. Slate tablets and convertible tablets have the portability of a light laptop, with the added flexibility of a touch screen. Here are a few of our favorites. by Tony Hoffman Not all workers have the luxury of being able to sit down in order to use a laptop. If you have to input information or write notes while on your feet, a tablet PC may be the way to go. You have your choice between a slate … Continue reading PC Mag writes about Top Tablet PCs

Motion F5 – be eligible for $1000 off by attending a webinar

John Hill has just announce this on TabletPCBuzz        Motion Computing and Allegiance Technology are sponsoring educational webinars to teach you about the capabilities of the Motion F5 Field Service Tablet PC. By participating in this webinar, you are eligible for a $1,000 discount off the list price of a single unit for yourself or your organization. Our next webinar is May 20th at 2pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME. Just click the link below to sign up, attend the webinar (about 30 minutes followed by a Q&A session) and you are eligible for this limited time discount. Sign up … Continue reading Motion F5 – be eligible for $1000 off by attending a webinar

Inker – vs – ActiveWords part II

Wow, Pete at ActiveWords support spotted one of my postings about this conflict and wrote to me to suggest turning off the ActiveWords Buffer. Did you catch that? This was a proactive support response. I was going to wait for a response from the Inker developers before troubling the folks at ActiveWords. They were onto this before I asked.  Pete wrote:To turn off the ActiveWord buffer  –   From the ActiveWords MonitorBar Menu, select “Options…”.   Select the tab “Operating Mode”. Press the “Advanced…” button. Check “Disable ActiveWord buffer”. Close the “Options” dialog.  NOTE: When working with the ActiveWords Buffer turned … Continue reading Inker – vs – ActiveWords part II