Inker – a replacement for the TIP (Tablet Input Panel)?

Inker – from  ATOZED software

This looks very interesting. It is still in beta with plenty of issues being discussed on their Inker-Users discussion on Yahoo Groups.

Here is an excerpt from the website. It certainly bears watching.

What is Inker?

Inker is a replacement for the Windows pen input system. Inker is more efficient to use and more customizable than TIP.

Inker includes all of the functionality of TIP and more, however Inker and TIP can run side by side. Installing and using Inker does not disable or remove TIP, however we suggest you turn off the automatic pop up features of TIP.

Inker uses the same writing recognition engine as TIP does, however Inker focuses on reducing pen clicks for input and corrections through a streamlined user interface. Inker is written in C# and WPF.

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