Touch Control

I have been using a Toshiba M700 and for the most part, enjoying having both the Active Digitizer and the Touch Screen. I was having trouble though when using MindManager. This is not a flaw with either the software or the machine. I think the issues was the way I use MindManager. I write all over the screen as as I was brushing the screen as I moved around, I was wreaking havoc. Basically I was dragging topics from one place to another, or causing the screen to zoom in and out. This was particularly embarrassing when doing live presentations.


Dan (dant as he is known at GottaBeMobile and TabletPCBuzz) has written a System Tray applet that allows you to toggle the Touch Screen on and off by double clicking on the icon. This is so much more convenient than the alternative  Рgoing in through Control Panel.


Dan says that this should work wtih any Tablet PC that has Touch Screen capabilities, and that is running Windows Vista.


Read more about Touch Control and get it at


Touch Control





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