Inker – vs – ActiveWords part II


Pete at ActiveWords support spotted one of my postings about this conflict and wrote to me to suggest turning off the ActiveWords Buffer. Did you catch that? This was a proactive support response. I was going to wait for a response from the Inker developers before troubling the folks at ActiveWords. They were onto this before I asked.

 Pete wrote:

To turn off the ActiveWord buffer  –  
From the ActiveWords MonitorBar Menu, select “Options…”.  

  1. Select the tab “Operating Mode”.

  2. Press the “Advanced…” button.

  3. Check “Disable ActiveWord buffer”.

  4. Close the “Options” dialog. 

NOTE: When working with the ActiveWords Buffer turned off, you may need to pause your typing when executing a “Text Substitution” ActiveWord to avoid character overlapping.

In some limited testing this morning, this seems to be working.


Thanks to Pete at ActiveWords.


I should mention that the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) works fine with ActiveWords running (without the modification) I was going to wait to see what the people at Inker were going to do about this in their next build. See: Inker Users Discussion.





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